WE’RE AN ODD NON-PROFIT, NOT A CHARITY. We don’t seek cash donations. We don’t hold telethons. Why? Because we stubbornly believe that there’s plenty of value left in this bunker gear. Our job is to re-purpose it stylishly, so you can carry a way-cool bag and share the stories it’s seen. The price of your bag goes right back to buying new bunker gear for cash-strapped fire departments. We pay our stitchers a fair wage, we charge a fair price (we learned the hard way that working with this stuff is unbelievably difficult), we plough the money back to the working heroes who fight fires. It’s transparent, the IRS looks over our shoulder. The payback ratio? We figure that when we repurpose something like ten sets of of outdated bunker gear (or less, we’re still working on the figures) we buy one new set.

WE’RE NEW. We’ve launched a new way to run a non-profit, a new way to recycle. We want to become an example for other extraordinary recycling schemes. We want to change the world. Okay: we’re wild-eyed dreamers. You can ignore that, but you can’t ignore how great our bags are.

For more information on donating gear, email threads@rescuethreads.com

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