THE LANDFILL gives us the willies. We learned that every ten years, the manufacturer’s warranties expire on firefighters’ working gear. So – believe it or not – it gets shredded and dumped in the landfill. This is extraordinary stuff:

High-tech, exquisitely crafted of tough fire-, water- and wear-resistant material. This isn’t right, especially in this economy when plenty of fire departments can’t buy safe protective gear for the men and women who protect us and our homes.


You probably put out your blue tub every week, like we do. Great, but we felt we had to do more than that. We’re calling in all the out-of-warranty bunker gear we can find, saving them from the landfill. (By the way: fire departments normally pay to have them shredded and buried!) We insist that the gear still represents enormous value. Strength, sure: the materials are tough. But think of all the crisis and cataclysm these outfits have seen. If we save some of the gear, if we make beautiful, useful, dashing bags out of it, we’re somehow certain that we’re saving some of the stories that they’ve witnessed. We rescue the threads; you carry the story.

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